Who We Are

Blankets for Warmth is an organization founded in 2001 that collects and distributes blankets to the homeless.  It stops by various parts of New York City to drop off gently used and sometimes new blankets for homeless people.  In the past, Blankets for Warmth has partnered up with Joey Fatone of NSYNC and Coalition for the Homeless to carry out its mission.


Our Story

Blankets for Warmth was founded in the winter of 2001 by Michelle-Marie Heinemann. One evening Michelle was leaving a restaurant in the West Village, in New York City, when she noticed a young girl laying on the street, freezing. She stopped and spoke with the girl for awhile before giving her her coat. Michelle was so affected by the experience that she founded Blankets for Warmth.



Thank You

Blankets For Warmth graciously thanks the following donors for their generosity and support: Solomon Smith Barney, S. G. Cowen, Citibank, Polaroid, U-Haul, Rubenstein Public Relations, Grubman, Indursky, Schindler, Esq., Phillips Gold & Company, Jupiter Editing Services, Virtual Horizons, Coalition for the Homeless, Salvation Army, Goodwill Store, and more.